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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> oh,, i did not see matt so sorry. sorry, commissioner haney i did not see you back in your chair like that. okay. and so, i will refer this to the budget and curriculum committee and i actually have two speakers this evening on this item. and a total of 5 minutes will be given to the testimony, and we have ryan chapman, and nanita coraruvious. sorry if i mispronounced your name. >> thank you. >> and thank you, president fewer. and thank you, commissioners. and thank you superintendent carranza, and deputy and superintendents. and my name is ryan chapman and as a educator and father of san franciscans is a pleasure and a
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privilege to present to you the charter petition, when developed the new school of san francisco will be diverse, school that puts learning by doing and equity and doing at the center of a child's education, over the past eight months, we have taken inspiration from parents, educators and community organizations and school leaders from across the city, region and state and we have held 50-plus conversation and network with more than 45 local organization and visited 30-plus schools and we believe that the petition reflects the collective expertise and, priorities and expectation and aspirations and sense of what is possible, uniquely possible in public education. we have also found great inspiration in the work with the district and the 20-25 vision, demonstrates your passion and commitment and drive to innovate and a powerful statement of the city's opportunity to transform of what it means to teach and learn in the 21st century, this is in response to the call to action, it is our intention to partner with the district and
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to add to the echo system, and that will generate change and specifically we will hold ourselves accountable instilling the love of learning now and preparing the students for rapidly changing future and insuring that preparation is not just accident, but equitable for the students with barriers and for the families to take a empowered role in their students education and making it accessible for the children's schools the tremendous resources that the city has to offer and demonstrating the benefits of a school and museum partnership and we have had the pleasure of meeting many of you individually, and so, thank you for your time. and for those who have not yet met with, i will welcome the opportunity and i will be in touch and i also invite you to join us for the upcoming budget and curriculum meetings in early october and most importantly, we want to introduce to you, whose two
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sons, juan and deigo attended the first program where we piloted the model and learned a tremendous amount from their experience and i invited them to speak on behalf of the parents that we have the privilege to work alongside and to share their thoughts. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> good evening, we have two sons, juan who is ten and diego
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who is 6 and our experience with the new school over the summer was really amazing. and we saw progress, with our two sons, and they were enthusiastic and they were excited to learn and they kept wanting to go back. >> and that is what every parent wants for their child that they feel confident in themselves, and that they are happy that they are fulfilled and they feel motivated to learn.
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with the system, that is called... learning by doing. the children learn about projects that were more interested to them. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> on the other hand we were happy with the communication between the teach and hers parents because it always kept them informed for what was happening throughout the day. >> another advantage is that it
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will be k-12 which is important because the children are not he have beened by all of the changes that are necessary when there is a transition, their friends change and their teachers change. we believe that diversety should be a priority and to teaches the children to be with each other and to respect each other.
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we trust that the new school will be a great opportunity for all children in san francisco. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now we have public comment, one speaker signed up. >> thank you very much, commissioner fewer, and ladies and gentlemen, members of the board of education, and commissioners, superintendent carranza, and other and all ships at sea. >> there are two things in the agenda that i want to talk about today, one of them was not mr. davis's usc tie. but, i don't know if there are any stanford people here, but he is sitting right there. >> i just want to draw your attention to case 14 for a
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moment, k14 is what you paid to have a consultant come in and really not as the description says, not talk to the uesf team but to talk to your folks about what kind of money they had, you paid $8260, for a guy who came in for a day or so to talk about what everybody else already knew about. and page, 33, and in that area, though is really what i wanted to focus on and that the personnel actions, and if you will look here, you will see that you have 84 people who are hired. with some designation, either for a special education class, or a bi lingual class, and these are people who are hired as temporary intern, and all kinds of different people on the waivers and all of those kinds of things which means that they do not have their credentials. now, we understand that you
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don't necessarily have to make a williams report on all of those classes because having any piece of paper counts as having a credential under that. but, there was a wonderful cartoon, just a week or so ago, which shows a king, talking to the man who was doing menial labor at the castle and said, you know, i tell you that it was such an ugly term let's call you an intern instead. and we hire interns into all kinds of positions we hire people who because they have to take classes, while they are also providing classes, virtually have no lives. and they have a very difficult time succeeding. and in bi lingual and in the special education classes, on just this agenda, those are 84 of your hires and i don't understand really why that happens. i don't think that it is happening in quite these
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numbers, that i have ever seen before, and you know i looked at it and i look at it two weeks ago, and two weeks before that, and there were also significant numbers of special ed hires, that were in these kinds of categories and provisional and all of that. if you want to do anything seriously about social justice and about the school district, you must prevent this kind of hiring. you must have a human resources department, that can fill the positions and fill the positions that are necessary, with appropriately credentialed people that mean among other things, that the people have to work full year. and in human resources and in all of the departments. that means that the school district can't shut down in july. and it means that you are going to have to put an additional emphasis, on getting these places filled. and we have not had this kind of a report in the previous five years. and i think that it is
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absolutely shocking. thank you very much for your attentionment >> thank you. >> and item g. consent calendar. and we have a motion and a second on the consent calendar, please? >> so moved. >> may i have a second? >> yes. >> thank you. >> any items that you want to correct by the superintendent? >> yes, we have one correction. >> yes, please? >> 149-9 k9 on page 64 of your agenda, the name of the consultant should be regents of the university of california, san francisco, science, and health partnership. >> thank you mr. steel. and any items removed by first for first reading by the board? >> and any unsevered by the board or the superintendent for discussion and vote? >> one second, please?
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>> one second, please. >> yes, you can talk. commissioner maufas? >> yes, thank you. >> i don't want to have the discussion tonight, but i would like to request that item, is it, item... i left my page in it. and is it this s1 through s15, those are all good. >> thank you. >> and our agenda, we normally have a report from the personnel committee, and it goes to the personnel labor, and we usually get an hr report, on the beginning of the year, hires and classrooms status and etc.. and i don't recall seeing that. so i would like to request that that discussion and this list of it, >> and i think that commissioner norton would like.
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>> i want to call, item f1 through f15 for discussion later in the meeting and i think that what you are suggesting could also come under that. and so that is, is that... >> that is fine. >> i can wait until then. >> thank you. commissioner maufas. >> and roll call vote will take place under section 0. >> item h. superintendent proposal thises is already moved and seconded on august 26, 2014. excuse me. and yes, and as reported at the last board meeting a positive recommendation was given to this resolution as the rules meeting held on august 20, 2014, this is 148-26 sp2. and revision to board policy, bp 1342, community relations uniform complaints. public speakers, none signed up this evening, and any comments from the board of superintendents? may we have a roll call vote?
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>> sonata. >> yes. >> chin. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza, mcdonald, dr. murase, norton. >> yes. >> wynns. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> that is five 5s. this is the request to speak regarding the general matters and we have a few cards for the people who would like to speak, and as i call your name, please come to the podium, everyone has two minutes, please. >> maria rohas, josh davidson, and jay, cosad, emmy ellis, and daz, lomp aras cat x general and tony robus. please, and first speaker, please, you have two minutes,
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and please press the button and please identify yourself first, thank you very much. will you please take the time? >> yes. >> basically i am here is because i want to, and i want that board of education to help me to get assigned my son to a middle school closer to my neighborhood and we live on lower haze and they assign me to valley on bay view. my son also has a 504 plan, and he has three appointments weekly. and i am a single mom with a full time job, and i am having the family no family in san francisco and i have trying to get the school closer since
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march 2014. and also, i applied to other schools, and on the right time but i could not get assigned, so, i just want to get the school closer, which will be like easy for us to get into, because visitation valley is 1:30 from our home and i don't have a car and i have to take two buses from one way, and another one to come back home. and i just need your support, for me it is hard for me to take my son all the way over there and i am a single mom and i really need a school closer, he needs to take these appointments weekly, and i don't have anybody else who can help me to do this. so, i don't know if you can do something about it? i was trying to reach, mr. carranza, and e-mailing other people, but it is kind of hard
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so the people can talk to you and everything. and i just need a school closer. >> thank you. and mr. steel, would you please take down her information, please? and connect her to the proper people to speak to? thank you very much. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> were you signed up to speak. >> no. >> i am sorry, have you to submit a card. >> thank you very much for coming this evening, thank you. >> mr. cosak you are next, two minutes, red button thank you. >> i am jay cosak and counselor at george washington high school and i want to talk to two issues and i don't know if i will get to two of them. i want to talk about what language and special education, okay? and equal access and very
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important. and okay, did anyone, anyone up here plan how that was going to happen? anyone here? i mean, i think that that is one of your jobs, so how does it play out at a school like george washington high school, we have an additional 60 to 80 students to put in the world language, okay? are the classes at 36, 37, and with six ieps yes, that is how it is, okay? please don't tell me any mumbo jumbo about the weighted student formula, we don't have money at the school to buy anything and, so here we are. and is this a successful way to launch a program? is this a successful way or just a way to do it. it is terrible. how do you do it that way? any planning with this, could we have gotten a point to a point, for some help, the classes are fulfilled. okay?
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and second point, different point, students coming, from across the border, yes, we need to do something for them, they need a lot of help, you are giving us one teacher, probably can't teach all of the periods, and so we are going to get a teacher, and the other students are going to have to fill up where the other classes are and the other classes are full? yes, okay. and so, i don't know, it may work on paper, but, in reality, it is going to be hard but what i am asking for is this. can we get a spanish speaking para at the school also? can we get someone that will help with the effective part and not necessarily the academic, part, because they are going to be with the students the whole time and they can find out what some of the issues are like abandonment and home sick, like, they are in a new family and they don't know anyone. we really need someone, that can really be with the students for part of the day so that we
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can help them that way. >> okay. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> next speaker. >> good evening, again, i'm dennis kelley president of the united educators in san francisco, in june you took an action to take the negotiations between the teachers and para professionals to imp as s and by going to that everything was put in the hands of a mediater and that means that the meetings have been stopped and we have not made the progress on the contract negotiations up until now, we are very hopeful, that we will have a negotiated contract and that we will have it very soon, we are very hopeful that once again, the teachers and para professionals who are very concerned about the contract, will be able to turn their attention to doing the kind of work that they want
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to do to make this the best possible school district. and that is a delay that you put in, the delay that you called for, with the impass, is a problem. and it is, and it means that, we have not made any significant advance on getting a contract done. and now, we think that it is significant that mr. scarlato have been able to sit down and talk about these things and we will bring together the bargaining teams to discuss them, there is no reason that we could not have done this in june, there is no reason, why we had to have you declare imp ass so that the process was stopped, i urge you to do whatever that you can, to urge mr. scarloto and his team to please, make responses to the things that we put forward. and don't just brush them off and don't just say that is too much. and don't just say, status quo.
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make some responses so that we get a feeling for where you folks really are, and we are ready to get to the point where we can actually have a contract that is signed, and sealed, and makes people comfortable about working in this district. and so that we don't have to have, the situation where there are 84 positions where we have not been able to reach out to people, who want to come here. to work. thank you. >> thank you. >> and good evening, superintendent and commissioners, i am amy ellis and thank you for hearing me today, on behalf of the jewish community relations council of san francisco i am here to encourage you to do everything in your power to settle the labor dispute, could lead to the first teacher's strike in decades, a long history of advocacy for the quality of public school and the majority of the schools are enrolled in
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california public schools and we take great pride and we respect the professional and value their work and the success of the schools depends on their efforts on a personal note, a tended roosevelt middle school and washington high school, during the different times in my youth i had teachers that went the extra mile for me, without their help and guidance i would not be standing before you today, the teachers in the district served me well and for that i am thankful. thank you for your time and consideration, we hope that it can be resolved quickly. >> good evening, my name is chafon lieu and i am with the chinese progression, and we are a grassroots social justice organization and we work with the chinese immigrant community here in san francisco with tenant and workers and with youth. and see a whole range of issues that effect them, especially right now with the growing income and inequality gap that we see in san francisco.
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and our families face tremendous pressures, they are often unmoimd or under employed or working long hours and sometimes living in sros where the entire families are sharing a bathroom and kitchen with several other family and living under tremendous economic and psychological pressure all of the time. and so, in this context, the school system is really one of the very important and key institutions that help to stabilize these families and provides a center for the folks to be able to find the resources and to be able to also reach their dreams because a lot of our community came to this country to be able to provide a better future for their children and to provide the educational opportunity and unfortunately, when the very teachers and service providers who are expected to help stabilize, our struggling families find themselves in
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similar living conditions and as these very families are meant to serve, it really you know, starts to have this system deter ate and we are seeing the deteration of the ability of our public schools as an institution to really stabilize our community and serve the lowest income and the new comers and the folks who are trying to just to survive day-to-day and i just want to urge the board to take seriously, this plea, of des desperation of the please, and for them not to to be commuting and also it is more support for the professionals who are a key layer, for the support for those children, and finally, we need more support for the elementary schools. >> okay. >> would you state your name, because i don't have you on the list. >> shawsan, liu, and i am with
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the chinese progressive association. >> thank you very much. >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent, i am gordon mar and i am here to support on a fair contract for the hard working teachers and para professionals and i work with the job to justice which is a coalition of community and labor groups to promote the economic security and justice? the area, and we are working on the campaigns to raise the minimum wage to 15 in the city and to pass a retail work of the bill of rights, which will provide, the job and i am working to stop the eviction and create the housing and many campaigns to address the economic crisis and that low income and the families are facing in the city and we very much see a fair contract for the teachers and all of the school staff as the integral part of the agenda to close the economic divide in the city. and just to close as a parent.
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and to let us go, to the back to sxaol night on thursday and at my daughter's school and i am just reflecting on how tremendous, the tremendous work that the teacher and other school staff have provided to my daughter and, her friends and the school community. and they are given a fair contract, and it disturbs me and scares me to think that they, the teacher's union, and the members were felt so disrespected and so far off from a contract that they voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike and just thinking about what that and the disaster and the consequences could mean for the school communities in the city and so we urge you to do everything in your power, to settle up your contract with our hard working staff, thank you. >> thanks. >> next speaker? >> hi, i am josh from the sie,
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and i also cook for the early education program and i like cooking for the kids and i do not want to take a day off for a strike, or i am sure that the kids would not like, maybe some of them would like to be home and i suspect that they would like to have the lovely food that i prepare for them every day, and secondarily i have more interesting things to talk about than contract negotiation and i would love to talk about the farm program at soda or the new dining experience or any number of things that are going on in this district that are very important and interesting, and exciting work, but until we have fair contracts for our workers we really can't get a lot of progress on these issues so please help us to have more interesting board meetings for you guys by moving forward on this so that we can get to the other important work.
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thank you. >> good evening, my name is james tracy and i am a member of the jobs for the justice of san francisco, and long time housing activist sxim here to ask you to pass a contract that gives them the chance of actually staying in the city that they serve, and i used to be a para professional and i have seen first hand, the top notch work that has happened in our schools and i used to work at burton high scho and i also know directly the consequences that if, the school district has a majority of the workforce working outside of san francisco. and it is less quality and ininstruction and it is more exhausts of the staff people and it is less after school opportunities. and we all know that. and if you read the newspaper last week, we know that one of your para professionals, santiago successfully stayed in
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the city and thanks to the direct action and he is a para professional and his eviction was defeated and but i tell you that the housing movement of san francisco can't go after every single last landlord who is evicting one of your staff people and it is time for this board to step up, and to make sure that the teachers and para professionals get what they deserve, thank you. >> good evening, my name is tony, robles. and i am a native san franciscan and i also went to george washington high school, and roosevelt middle school and i do remember, qualified teachers that i had great teachers such as mr. redlic and mr. rodity, who taught me many, many things outside of the classroom. in terms of being a conscious person, and i think that it is of the utmost importance that we respect


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